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Ergonomic Desks

Ergodesk, get up the job and find the well-being!

Sedentary work is a necessary evil for many people.
Too often we spend the working hours sitting still at the desk, with consequences sometimes serious for our health, such as reduced muscle activity, slowing of metabolism, overweight and back pain.
Several studies suggest that changing workplace posture frequently can improve physical and mental well-being.
A height-adjustable work station allows you to move, relieve muscle tension and induced stress, promote circulation and concentration and increase energy.
Change your point of view, raise your work and find wellness.

According to recent studies by the American Mayo Clinic, sitting too much is a real disease, with serious consequences for health and that would increase the risk of contracting or aggravating various other diseases.
Most people spend most of the day sitting, at work or at school, by car or on public transport, during meals and in the evening on the couch.
But the human body is designed for movement.
If sitting during the day is a necessary evil, we try to remedy, bringing the possibility of varying position in the workplace, with a height-adjustable table that allows you to alternate between sitting and standing.

A significant benefit to the health of the person who works, but also a tool to improve productivity.

Working 'on your feet' stimulates blood circulation and oxygenation. This helps to reduce the feeling of tiredness, especially post lunch break and to raise levels of energy and concentration.

This is the revolution underway: transforming sedentary hours into possibilities for movement, improving health, work and quality of life.

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