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Water Rower

A great Workout

Rowing is known as the best working aerobic exercise.

“Either you row outdoor or indoor, whatever speed and intensity you exercise, no other workout will give you the benefits you get from rowing. The amount of calories you burn is related to how many muscles you use during the exercise. Rowing on a sliding seat will activate almost all of your muscles, from your upper body to the lower and the back.

“WaterRower's greatest advantage is the sliding seat that makes you avoid loading your weight on knees, ankles, hips and joints. No other aerobic exercise is so gentle on your body.”

“We believe WaterRower is the best piece of home fitness equipment on the market. Many surveys among customers indicate WaterRower as the best fitness item to buy. This rower works thanks to a patented, water flywheel that simulates almost exactly the motion you have on water and ensures a fluent, measured movement that will not have negative impact on anybody.”


A very usefull and convenient equipment

WaterRower produces a wide choice of items to suit every environment and need.

WaterRower is made with the best room-saving storage solution.

Its restrained size allows its use in the narrowest environments.

In its vertical position it does not seize more than a chair.

The flywheel is placed to give the item great stability even when vertically stored.

It is very easy to move thanks to the two moving wheels.

Row always and everywhere

WaterRower does not make annoying noises: you will only hear the water flowing after your rows.

You can listen to music or wathing TV at a normal volume while rowing.

Simply pull the bar: you will only hear the pleasant water noise.

If you exercise with intensity it might make some noise. But we are spaking about the noise you hear when you are close to a river. Anyone can share the room without being bothered.


Fitness for everybody

Rowing is a great exercise that let you keep the right intensity for your person and your training level. Everybody can exercise on WaterRower: men, women, children and seniors in every shape.

The speed you go on the rower depends on the intensity level you keep while rowing. It is easy to understand that this level changes between users based on their body and shape.

Even though rowing is already very fun, it is not popular to row just as a sport but most of the people exercise with different purposes such as toning or losing weight.

Exercising on rowers is fun and easy for everyone: for many it is an easy way to fulfill their purposes, either they want to improve physical skills or just get back in shape.


In shape for life

Training is not just working out. Training is exercising in order to be fit, have regular physical benefits.

WaterRower is the best solution to regulary train in the comfort of your home.

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