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water rower rovere

Bowflex M7






Water Rower Natural

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The WaterRower Natural is hand crafted in solid Ash and Golden oak dyed for color consistency. Each machine is hand finished with Danish oil which gives a bright and warm wood finish. Wood was chosen due to its wonderful qualities, foremost among which is to absorb the lability sounds and vibrations the noise and improving the sweetness of WaterRower when in use. Ash, like all Woods used in WaterRower construction, is a solid wood with an incredible longevity and stability. For ecological reasons, all our Woods are cut from replenishable forests.

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Water Rower
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How does the Water Rower?

Self-adjusting resistance

The patented water Flywheel WaterRower developed naturally a self-adjusting resistance.

Rowing and other aerobic exercises (such as swimming, running, cycling, etc) are not based on strength exercises.

Rowing and other aerobic exercises are linked to the work done to move you (and your equipment) through your average force. Either a boat or a swimmer through the water, a person who rides or a cyclist through the air.

The only resistance is given by the effect of air resistance acting on you and on your equipment. And very importantly this resistance is proportional to the speed at which you move on average.

For example, when strokes, the work you do exceed the aerodynamic resistance and acts on the boat, allowing the boat to move at a certain speed. When you increase the effort you need to overcome resistance increases and the boat goes faster.

Remember, the boat does not asks you strength, but you ask the motorcycle, this boat is moving at a speed equal to the drag that managed to overcome.

The speed limit of the stroke you, your ability to produce movement and to overcome aerodynamic drag. This varies from individual to individual: young or old, big or small, male and female, trained or not trained.

Here is a natural self-adjustment of WaterRower aerobic exercises and natural.

S4 Monitor features

Quick start function, simply press the On button and the screen is ready for use, start rowing

Speed dial function, the most common applications are accessible simply take a button using the button appropriately to navigate.

Automatic memory function automatically stores the last sequences 9 exercises to find them quickly

Auto-preview when stored programs are seen in preview in their location in memory, or when they are loaded ready for use, the methods appear through the scorrimen to

Areas Function set the desired intensity, the number of strokes or heart rate and you will be notified when you are above or below this area

The Function Areas when you are inside your area-zone bar tells you where you are within your area

Distance function of training set a desired distance and return to zero, the average statistics of training will be shown after the end along with tota Distance le

Duration of the training Function set the desired duration and return to zero, the average statistics of training will be shown after the end with allaDurata total

Interval function of training set up to 9 intervals (distance and duration) separated from the rest of life. Receive signals and statistics at the end of the interange

PC Interface connected to your Pc screen and access to a wide range of third-party and open source progra mmi

Store with ease

The WaterRower can be comfortably answered when not in use.

No longer occupies a space Chair.

When you are done you can simply lift workout from one end and place it snugly against the wall.

The low position of the flywheel for maximum stability also allows Water vertically.

Internal trolley wheels make it easy to move.

Weight and dimensions del WaterRower

Wooden models - weigh about 33 kg with empty tank, and up to 53 kg with filled tank.

The S1 - it weighs about 45 lbs with the tank empty, and up to 65 lbs with the tank filled.

Foldable quickly in a base of only 57x50cm
Maximum user weight: 135 kg
Dimensions set-up: (L) 210 cm x (w) 56 cm x (h) 53 cm, folded: (L) 56 cm x (w) 53 cm x (h) 210 cm


All WaterRower is built to a level of quality and craftsmanship. All components are selected for their validity during the workout, not for their cost.

WaterRower features the following guarantees

1 Year on the structure and components

WaterRower may extend your warranty up to

5 Years on frame and 3 Years on components

Through the compilation of extension/warranty registration card.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Marchi Water Rower
Use Commercial
Availability Available
Ean Code 4260263010017
Computer Time-distance-calories-strokes per minute-beats-No. strokes per minute
Heart Rate Monito Optional
Fitmax Rating 6-stroke system more real!
Max User Weight Kg 135
Programs Manual-Count down-Exercise Science
Open-Closed dimensions cm 210x56x53-56x53x210
Row type Central rowing
Strenght Water Rower hydraulic resistance system


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