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Teqball TeqOne (Pronta consegna)

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Teqball Teq ONE is a revolutionary sports equipment that has taken over two years of testing and research to develop its innovative and sophisticated final form. The net is solid, the ball bounces off it, so in this way the concept of uninterrupted games is no longer a dream. The structure of a Teq ONE table, aligned with the rules, does not allow luck or the possibility to interfere with the game; Players can rely only on their skills and abilities.

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Teqball is a new football-based sport that offers both professional footballers and sports fans an excellent opportunity to develop their technical knowledge, concentration skills and physical endurance. On the specially curved table of Teqball, we can improve our skills and easily learn how to play: in fact, just an opponent on the opposite side of the table and you can immediately start playing a spectacular sport.

All you need is an opponent on the other side of the Teqball table and the game can start! If you can juggle a ball three times, you can excel in teqball as well. Teqball is the purest type of football, as there is no physical contact between players, and therefore injuries resulting from impacts or violent maneuvers can never take place in the game or during practice. In addition, players can not even touch the table, according to the official rules, which further reduces the risk of injury.

Technical Features:

  • indoor and outdoor
  • water resistant
  • UV-resistant
  • fixed structure
  • easy to assemble
  • fixable to the ground


TEQIS function

Teqis is a unique racket sport, with special rules, based on Teqball.
It can be played with a tennis ball and a beach tennis racket on the teqball table. He is particularly suitable for the development of batting and concentration skills and offers extremely spectacular moves.
After a short practice, anyone can easily master the rules of the game.
One of the specialties of teqis is that, among all TEQ sports, it is the only game in which the ball can bounce even on the ground, but only after it has bounced at least once on the table. Therefore, in the case of teqis, the field extends beyond the table and includes all the space aligned around the table.
Teqis is an extremely exciting sport, both individually and in pairs, and the nature and rules of the game even allow paraathletes to play together with their healthy counterparts, even in mixed-pair formations, creating a level playing field and a perfect pairing with each other.

TEQPONG function

Teqpong is an innovative new racket game that can be played on the Teqball table, both inside and outside.
Teqpong offers an excellent opportunity for sport or recreation for everyone, regardless of age, gender and level of knowledge, which is made even more interesting because of its special rules. Among the most exciting parts of the game: the double point, the ball bouncing off the net that can be retaken, and the batting exchange in the opponent's field.
Equal opportunities are guaranteed by the unique design of the table and the use of the same type of racket, so winning is only a matter of competence.
One of the typical features of the curved table is that the ball bounces on it in a unique way, forcing the player to rethink
your movements and speed already in progress.
Teqpong also greatly improves the player's leg play and hand-eye coordination, as well as other abilities such as reflex or reaction time.

TEQVOLY function

After the great success of teqball, teqvoly is a new development, based on the innovative table from Teqball and is based on a set of special and unique rules.
Because of its multicolored appearance, teqvoly, it can be played not only competitively but also as a leisure sport, thus satisfying all interested parties.
After a short practice, you can create spectacular and dynamic curves on the field from the special line.
This new sport focuses mainly on technical knowledge rather than height or center of gravity, so that everyone, regardless of gender or age, can have fun.
Teqvoly does not require a special camp so you can practice it either in the gym or at the beach or in the park.

QATCH function

The qatch is a combination of different ball games that are played on a Teqball table, inside or outside. It can also be played on the sand, so additional technical solutions can add color to an already dynamic and spectacular game.
Qatch is played by three players per team, who pass each other the ball.
This sport differs from other TEQ sports in that two players are at one end of the table, while the third, the "defensive" teammate, is on the other side of the table between the two opponents.
Thanks to this line-up, the game offers creative solutions, improves decision-making and teamwork and improves and maintains fitness. The qatch is one of the best TEQ sports.




  • Ultra portable (large wheels)
  • Durable
  • Resistant
  • Multi-sport use
  • Internal/external use
  • Easy to open and close with security lock feature
  • Polyester table top reinforced with fiberglass
  • Steel leg structure
  • 1 kg of total weight
  • Internal/external use
  • Waterproof
  • UV-resistant
  • Fixed structure
  • Easy to assemble
  • It can be fixed to the ground
  • Internal/external use
  • Easy to locate
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to fold and store
  • Mobile
  • It can be played anywhere, anytime, by anyone

Additional Info

Additional Info

Availability Available
Marchi Teqball
Use Commercial
Ean Code 5999887126000


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