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Awake Ravik

Awake Ravik is the Water Luxury Toy of Summer 2019

Based in Ilmhamn, Sweden; Awake makes premium electric surfboards that share Scandinavian design DNA with breathtaking performance. The RÄVIK has a carbon fiber body that weighs a total of only 35 kg.

Considering the weight of the batteries and the motors, the card is rather light.

The electric motor can increase the table up to 56 km / h in the water and you can have up to 40 minutes of incredible fun on a single charge. The wireless accelerator control will allow a full range of movement for your arms and you will reach 50 km / h in just 4 seconds.

Developed with key principles in mind; power, speed and precision. Awake's electric surfboards are built for superior acceleration, sharp edges and fast straights, giving the user an unprecedented driving experience.

Made of high-end composite materials, these electric surfboards test users with aggressive power. The slim rear offers quick response and high agility, while the aerodynamic body design is sculpted with careful attention to hydrodynamics.


awake ravik

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