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Teqball is a new football-based sport that offers both professional footballers and sports fans an excellent opportunity to develop their technical knowledge, concentration skills and physical endurance. On the specially curved table of Teqball, we can improve our skills and easily learn how to play: in fact, just an opponent on the opposite side of the table and you can immediately start playing a spectacular sport.

Anyone who can do even trepalleggies can already excel in teqball!
Teqball is the cleanest variant of football, as there is no physical contact between players, so teqball matches or workouts can be
completely exclude injuries resulting from clashes and foul actions. Under official rules, sports equipment cannot be touched, which is
further decreases the risk of injury.


The soul of teqball is the table: it is a new and revolutionary sports equipment, whose sophisticated appearance is the result of a development and engineering experiment that lasted more than two years. His net is compact, which ensures that the ball always bounces, thus ensuring a continuous and dynamic play.
The structure of the table as well as the rules of the game adapted to it exclude that luck or chance affect the game, so players can rely only on their own abilities.


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