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Electric scooter and Hoverboard and italian law

Do you want to know if in Italy to date you can safely ride with a hoverboard or an electric scooter?

In 2019 the so-called Toninelli Decree tried to put the micromobility sector in order, establishing how and where hoverboards, electric scooters and electric bicycles can circulate.

The main innovations 2020 are: - Download the legislation

- Electric scooters remain equated to bikes, so freedom to ride throughout the country (even in those municipalities where the trial had not been activated)
- Maximum speed limit rises to 25 km/h
- Minimum age 14 and for under-18s there is a helmet requirement

segway all scooter

THE BRAND Segway, a leader in two-wheeled electric mobility, has always set itself the goal of producing alternative environmentally friendly means of transport for short distances.

Eco-sustainability, innovation and ease of use are the main features of all Segway products, which represent a green alternative to the car and can also be used within confined spaces.

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