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NEW 2020

Also for 2019 Australian Gold adds new exclusive formulas developed for the care, beauty and tanning of the face and body.
Australian Gold sunscreens contain rich blends of botanicals, vitamins and proprietary technologies for anti-aging and impeccable tan action blossoming as a precious fruit of a skin care that gives life an intense tan to last over time.

To mention, in this sense, the innovative tanning complex 25 x Bronzer that fuses, fearlessly Dark a precious blend of the latest generation, natural and self tanning lotion for instant color and deep, long-lasting.
And there's more ... Australian Gold is not synonymous with "tan end in itself", but a real path to take skin care developed through the addition of substances and essential ingredients.

From this anti-aging and anti free radical action guaranteed by elixir of eternal youth the most exclusive of which is called, not surprisingly, Timeless Youth Elixir;
bright and beaming a complexion thanks to the opal Magic Moonlit pearly iridescence contained in the patent; retain moisture and sensuous of fine silicon and inevitable result Aloe Vera as in the case of Selfish Skin Softeners technology.
What, finally, of fragrances? It is undeniably seductive and summer reconfirm such as the Tropical Sea Breeze Fragrance!


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