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We are proud to introduce the worldwide leader in tanning beds'production: HAPRO!

HAPRO's products aim both to the professional and the home application. .
For over twenty years HAPRO has been worldwide leader in tanning beds'production combining high standard design and technologies. Thanks to the wide production range HAPRO's tanning beds can match everybody's needs.
To make you experience a professional, high quality tanning bed at home HAPRO offers 6 different models that can differ in dimensions, shapes, and tanning lamps, from tanning beds to vertical units!
Choose the one than suits you best!

On the Fitmax web site you will find all the Hapro tanning units: tanning beds as well as foldable units

Hapro's quality means:

  • Hapro's tanning beds use “maxlight” lamps. Maxlights last longer (800 hours) with high standard performances during their life. Also, the UV lamps give you a long-lasting, golden tan very quickly!
  • Every unit comes with two pairs of UV ray-blocking goggles and a user manual to help you get the best out of your tanning bed.
  • Every unit has a 2 years warranty that covers manufacturing faults.
  • Every unit is made in accordance to Standard European Directive 89/336/CE and to European Directive 2006/95/CE about low voltage.

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