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Lat machines

The Lat Machine is one of the historical tools and fundamental for the Fitness / Body Building training

This exercise is essential to develop the whole back and specifically the Grand Dorsalis. The great variety of executable exercises, given the possibility to differentiate the grip, makes the Lat suitable for both beginners and advanced.

On our site there are several Lat Machine models both from Home Fitness and Professional, and many interesting accessories to make Your Lat Machine more complete and versatile.

Training with Lat Machine involves several steps to follow.

  1. Position yourself exactly under the cable. The bust should be kept in the chest with the outside facing, and the knees positioned under the padded rollers in order to block the legs during the exercise
  2. The back should be arched (not over-extended) in order to relax in the final phase of the movement (upper arms).
  3. The reverse grip can be used to accentuate the tension of the gran dorsal muscle. The shoulder blades can be either kept always depressed, or when the arms are distended raise them and depress them before pulling the bar towards you.

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