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Cardio HIIT/Crosstraining

In Cross Training the Endurance or HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) training is aimed at increasing cardiovascular endurance. This is possible by performing an exercise for a given period of time and trying to optimize oxygen, thus having repercussions on the heart and blood vessels.
Power and speed are the basis of Endurance training in Cross Training.
Weight training exercises, power movements, explosive activities to increase the athlete's mobility, running and rowing are included in the training program.
The Cardio Endurance wants to improve the physical power of the athletes and the resistance to fatigue, all the exercises dedicated to this purpose are stimulating and above all they give the opportunity to achieve excellent results

In this category you will find all the HIT cardio tools dedicated to crosstraining, such as inertial treadmills, Air Bike, Max Trainer and Ski Simulator

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