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Water Rower

Water Rower - N° 1 of Professional Rowers! Water Rower

Water Rower Rowers - the No. 1 for Water Rowers! Water Rower

We believe that the WaterRower is the best on the market; every rower is crafted in the USA, with a maniacal care towards the finishes and details (cutting of the wood-painting etc ...)


This machine uses a patented water flywheel, which almost simulates the effort that develops in rowing boats, producing a rhythmic and easy movement and a workout without impact for any level of athletic training or age.

One of the biggest advantages ... of using WaterRower is the position of the session during exercise, so that the weight of the body does not rest on the person performing the exercise, avoiding hip fracture, fractures in knees and ankles This reduces the potential impact on these joint joints in aerobic exercises.

The WaterRower is available in a wide range of models and finishes specifically designed to complete any environment.

The WaterRower is conveniently stored at the end of the exercise with ease and ease ... and, when stored, does not occupy more than one seat.

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