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Postural Bench

PANCA POSTURALE rebalances posture with simplicity and in a very short time.

Restores well-being and freedom to the whole body through "DECOMPENSIVE GLOBAL MUSCLE EXTENSION"

PANCA POSTURALE improves posture and physical condition by acting on muscle stiffness and tension. Can act indirectly in the following pathologies: Respiratory Blocks, Venous and Lymphatic Stasis, Muscular Hypotonia, Algie in general, Myotensive Kefalias, Hip Arthrosis, Cervical Arthrosis, Lumbar Arthrosis, Knee Arthrosis, Cervicalgia, Ernie Discali, Ernie Jatali, Lombalgie / Backache, Lombo Sciatalgie, etc .. It works because it lengthens the tense or retracted muscles through an asymmetric and global work.

Every time you use it, the body takes an immediately correct position and attitude. It is useful for those who suffer from circulatory problems.

To those who want to improve their breathing. To the boys to correct the spoiled attitudes, from wrong postures on the school desks and the weight of the backpacks. To the professional athletes or athletes of Sunday, to restore the balance after the activity, with a proper body structure, performance is improved and injuries are reduced.

By decreasing muscular tension and ailments, a situation of harmony, wellbeing, the desire to move and to face life better is established.

It is also excellent for those who love to take an anti-stress relaxation.


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