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Foosball: Hints and Tips

The foosball is a traditional italian game: at the beach, at a bar or after church, it is aways time to play foosball for italians!

What is foosball?
Foosball is a game created in Spain. Briefly, it simulates a soccergame through a playfield limited by side walls. You hit a small plastic ball with little red and blue cairns attached to rolling rods. The point of the game is to score in your adversary's gol.

You can either play one-on-one or in couples, deciding who is the striker and who is the defender.
The defender will us the goalie's rod and the rod next to it while the striker will obviously use the midfielders and the strikers.

Foosball is considered an actual sport and as a sport it has a national organism to rule over it, the Federazione Italiana Calcio Balilla also called FICB. The FICB organized national games in more than one official league. It grew to be an international sport today but styles of play and rules may be different from the country where you play.
Here are basic rules to play at home with your friends.
We have two main styles:

  • Traditional double or single
  • Double or single on the fly


The main difference between the two styles is when the players start: in the second one you have to touch the ball while it is in movement and within three seconds it is put in the playfield. Also, if two cairns of the same rod touch the ball before any shot it is considered fault. In the tradional game the game starts with the ball on one defender's feet and passes between cairns of the same rod are allowed.
Italians usually play on the fly.
The first to score 8 times wins. After 7 goals you should change sides. 

Tradional Foosball rules

       At the beginnning of the game the ball has to be steady on one defender's feet. The players give the start and kick the ball towards the adversary's goal and has to touch the side walls at least once. When someone scores you put the ball on the defender that took the goal. Every team can pass the ball for not longer than 10 seconds after which they have to shoot. It is allowed to pass the ball between two cairns of the same rod.


      It is considered foul if the the rod did a 360 flip or when the ball passes over a rod. When the ball bounces in the goal then comes out it should be considered a score. When the ball stops randomly on the playfield you put it on the starting defender.

On the fly rules

      The game starts on the midfield when one of the players throws the ball against the opposite side wall then falls in the playfield. Everyone can the kick it however he wants to. Ball possession can not last longer than 10 seconds for rod but passing the ball between two cairns of the same one is considerd foul. It is also considered foul flipping the rod. Whenever the ball stopped randomly the team that started has to put it back in.


      The following shots are allowed:
  • stop and kick, for both defense and offense
  • accidental bounc cairns of the same rod
  • lobs over rods
  • backward passes

Goalie Wars
Goalie Wars

      is really easy to play. You just need to lift up from the play field all the middle rods che le aste con gli attaccanti (a 3 e a 5 ometti) tocchino la pallina (devono essere tenute sollevate).


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