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Answers to frequently asked questions!

How do I use the online shopping cart?

Using the online shopping cart is very easy.

Let's start by choosing an online category. You will open a window showing a list of all the products contained in that specific category. By clicking on the wished item you will open a dedicated window where you will find all the informations about it as the price, the technical specifications, etc. Once you choose the item you want to buy, just click the "purchase" button. The item will be added to your online shopping cart!

Adding items to your online cart.

Now you added your first item to the online cart. By clicking the cart icon you can visualize all the products you added. From that window you will be able to add or remove products and change the quantity.


In order to make an online purchase and to help us fulfill it, you will have to register to Fitmax.it 
If you are not yet registered, complete the procedure. You will be quickly given the password to log in from the server.
If you are already registered just log in with your username/email and password.

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How do you calculate the shipping fares?

These fares relate only to shipments on Italian grounds. For deliveries to different countries please e-mail us!

Here are the most common shipping fees relative to Italy:

•Less than Kg. 10 packages € 7,50
•Less than Kg. 30 packages € 10,00
•Less than Kg. 100 packages: € 17,50
•Less than Kg. 200 packages: € 35,00

Those fares relate to purchases payed by credit card and bank transfer.
If you chose to pay by cash on delivery the total amount due will be raised by a € 5,00 extra fee. 


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How long will it take to have my order delivered?

At Fit Max S.r.l. we ship your orders nationally through Bartolini Carriers.
Delivery times are subject to changes.Some items may be unavailable and it can take some days to get a hold of them. In this case the delivery will obviously be delayed.
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What happens if I am not there at the delivery?

If the carrier does not find anybody home at the delivery time, he will leave a note indicating the missed delivery. This is to let you know that he will try again the next day. If he will not find anybody home at the second try either, the package will be then stocked in the area warehouse.
You can contact the area warehouse to have your package delivered again. You just have to call the number written on the note.
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How to claim my right of withdrawal?

Fit Max S.r.l. Acknowledges its costumers with the right of withdrawal as expected by law.
Last term available to claim your right of withdrawal is the tenth day after you purchased your item.
You will have to write, sign and send a registered mail. The letter will have to contain the following informations:
Fit Max S.r.l. – Via F.lli Cervi 169/O – Reggio Emilia
Att.ne Resp. Vendite Internet Sig. Olmi
Also, you will have to include in the letter your bank routing number (bank and agency name, ABI code, CAB code and your current account number). Obviously, all of the information has to be relative to the current account where you want us to wire the amount you paid for the merchandise you are returning.
You can even fax the letter to the our line at 0039 0522/946562

You will also have to ship back the purchased items through express courier. We ask you to ship the product in the ORIGINAL PACKAGE as warranty of the good being of the item you are returning.
The package has to be delivered to us not after the tenth day after you made the purchase. The address the package will be delivered is the same as the one specified for the certified mail.
In 20 days from when we receive both the certified mail and the returned merchandise Fitmax S.r.l. will wire on your bank routing number the exact same amount you paid. This amount is comprehensive of the first shipping fee.
This way the only money will spend for returning your item will be the returning shipping fee and the mail expenses.


- Saunas and Steam rooms (we only realize them on customer request)
- Both beauty and sunscreen lotions (we only sell lotions in the original, sealed package)
- Personalized sport equipments made on demand such as jerseys, shorts etc.
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What payment methods do you accept?

Fitmax.it accepts the following payment methods:


Credit Card payments are secured by the new Bankbass Web circuit, using a a cryptographic SSB 128 bit procedure named Verified by Visa.
This procedure also ask you to digit the CVV2 code (printed on the back of your credit card), more than the credit card holder's name, and the card expiration date.

You will not be charged until we fulfill your order and we print your invoice.

We will charge your credit card only after we shipped your item!

If your order will not be fulfilled within 7 days after you made the purchase, we will automatically charge your credit card. If you cancel your order we will transfer back your money.

Only the Credit Card holder can make the purchase. As a warranty, we ask for a homeland phone number at every purchase.

If asked, Fitmax will ship the item to a different address but only after further information is provided.
Fitmax retains the right to ask anytime for further guarantee about the payment.
We accept credit card payments on phone call as well.

* By cash  or check on delivery (in favor of Fit Max S.r.l.) directly to the shipping carriers.  This payment is only accepted in Italy.
 If the total reaches high amounts Fitmax retains the right to ask for a different payment method.

* By bank transfer - to pay in advance - in favor of:

Fit Max S.r.l.

Banca Popolare dell’Emilia Romagna
Ag. 12 di via F.lli Cervi n° 169
Reggio Emilia
Checking Account n° 1237600 - Registered to Fitmax S.r.l.
ABI 05387 - CAB 12812 - CIN "M"
P.IVA 02092530357
IBAN: IT47M0538712801000001237600

A copy of the bank transfer invoice has to be sent via fax at 0039 0522/946562 or Email at ordini@fitmax.it


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Are the online prices Tax Free? Or do they include V.A.T.?

All the items'prices are V.A.T. comprehensive.
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Will I find the online products at the Fitmax Store? Will I find a difference price wise?

You can purchase most of the online products directly at the Fitmax Store.

Prices may change. Online products can be slightly cheaper thanks to special online offers.
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I can not proceed with the order due to server errors or Internet connection problems. Is there any other way I can place an order?

You want to place an order but you are experiencing server errors or connection problems? No problem! You can place an order via Fax. Just download the PDF Form from our Home Page, fill it and send it on our fax line.

Or you can easily email us at ordini@fitmax.it. List the items you want to purchase and note the code, the quantity, the payment method, your address and your phone number. We will place the order for you and we will send you a confirmation email.
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Is it possible to cancel an order?

Yes, it is! Within 24 hours from the purchase you can cancel an order. To do so, you will have to email us at ordini@fitmax.it or you can call us at 0039 0522 943564
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What are the risks of online Credit Card payments?

Risks are really not many; your credit card details (n° and expiration date) will not be processed by our server. You will directly send your Credit Card details through the new cryptographic system Bankpass to our bank's Secure Server. You can find more information about Banca Popolare dell'Emilia Romagna and Bankpass at www.bankpass.it.
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Who should I talk to in case of problems concerning the purchase/technical problems?

Whenever you are experiencing technical or connection problems you can call us at 0039 0522/943564. You may ask of Mr. Daniele Olmi, Sales Manager.
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What should I do at delivery?

When the shipping Carrier will deliver the package it is important that:

a) You verify that the package is intact and complete. You may also check that the package is not damaged and dry.

b) You verify the number of packages delivered. The number of packages we sent you will be indicated on the shipping form attached to the main box;

N.B.: Any objection may be raised at delivery time to the Carrier. You may also write them down on the shipping form. If not, the package will be taken as correctly delivered.
The shipping form will be handle to you from the Carrier.

Important: Carriers only deliver at ground floor.
For any other service you may contact us.

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How to claim the warranty on the purchased item?

All the goods are covered by official warranty provided by the manufacturer.
In accordance with italian Laws, the warranty has a 24 months life.

To claim the warranty for replacements or to fix any issue you can call our customer service at 0039 0522/943564 or email us at info@fitmax.it. We will ask you to show us the original receipt or invoice. For any replacement under warranty keep the receipt or the invoice that is delivered attached to the package.

Or you can directly contact the manufacturer's costumer service; here you will find some contacts:

www.kettler.it   Telephone 0039 0131/855848 or e-mail the Customer Service at: assistenza.clienti@kettler.it

www.iconeurope.com  Telephone 800-86 5114 or e-mail the Customer Service at: csitaly@iconeurope.com (technical assistance for Proform, Weider, Weslo e Nordictrack)

High Power Telephone 0039 0549/950074 or e-mail the Customer Service at: info@area51.sm

Carnielli Fitness Spa - Telephone 0039 0438/912393 or e-mail the Customer Service at: assistenza@carnielli.com

JK Fitness S.r.l. - Telephone 0039 049/5842533 or e-mail the Customer Service at: assistenza@jkfitness.com

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I need technical assistance...

To receive technical assistance for your equipment you have to speak to Centro Assistenza Fitness: email at info@assistenzafitness.it or fax at 0039 0522/696609 - www.assistenzafitness.it

Centro Assistenza Fitness also offers:

- Saunas and Heat Room installation
- Technical assistance for products whose warranty is expired
- Technical consulting to plan Fitness and Wellness Environment
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When I make a purchase will you print the receipt and/or the invoice?

When you make a purchase on our website you can choose whether to have us print the receipt or the invoice.
If you need us to print a purchase invoice the billing and the shipping addresses can be different. You will always be asked for the Taxpayer Number or the VAT.
The receipt or the invoice will be sealed in a plastic envelope placed on the package.
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I am experiencing problems on your website. What can I do?

Fitmax.it works with a 1024x768 pixel resolution.
Problems may occur if you set as favorite a window which is not the Home Page.
For a proper navigation of the site enable cookies and check your anti-virus protection level.
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Will I get my fitness equipment dismantled?

Yes, every item will be shipped in the original package and dismantled.
Assembly usually takes from 20 to 60 minutes; installation kit is provided freely inside the package.
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Legal Notes

Products informations and technical specifications are provided by suppliers and manufacturers. Products information and technical specifications may be wrong.
Informations and products descriptions may be subject to changes and updates without notice.
Disputes are under the jurisdiction of the Reggio Emilia Court.
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