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Choosing a Cross Trainer

Elliptical cross trainers are cardio-fitness indoor equipment that can simulate walking or running.
These cross trainers are often named ellipticals right because of the circular, elliptical movement you have to do associated to the walking displacement.

Cross trainers developed both from exercise bikes and treadmills: you will have to do the circulary, biking movement as well as the treadmill's walking displacement but you will also exercise you upper body.

The best cross trainers' feature is the fluent, regular motion that will not affect negatively on your legs, joints or back.

For this reason working out on cross trainers is suggested to whoever is doing rehabilitation or physical therapy after injuries. Also good if you have weak joints or problems with your back and you want to lose some weight.

These are some of the benefits you will get from exercising on cross trainers:

  • weight loss;
  • toning up legs and buttocks ;
  • circuatory system and breathing apparatus improvements;
  • toning up abdominals
  • upper body exercising
  • physical therapy


If you think a cross trainer is the right equipment for you read below. We made a list of things you have to keep in mind before purchasing one:

Obviously, you will have to fit well on your cross trainer. Dimensions are very important to work out properly: in general, the longer the cross trainer is, the better it is for you. A long structure allows you to make a fluent, regular and natural movement. It should also be well proportioned to the user.

The flywheel is what makes the difference in movement. The heavier it is, the more fluent the movement will be.
A good, professional flywheel's weight ranges from 12 to 20 Kgs. We reccomend at least 15 Kg flywheels. They ensure a regular, fluent movement both for the lower and the upper body and it also guarantees more reliabilty.

 The best cross trainers you will find on the market have adjustable stride or treads to make it easier and more comfortable to use.

Almost every cross trainer has an adjustable resistance level: the resistance makes it harder to move for you, just like you could make a bigger effort running uphill. Resistance levels can be adjusted manually or digitally from the consolle and can be magnetic or electro-magnetic.

Cross trainers are equipped with different brake systems based on quality and training:

    • mechnical: the cheapest system, where the flywheel is stopped directly by friction. It is obviously the most noisy and it does not guarantee great movement fluency;
    • magnetic: the flywheel is stopped by a system of magnets that do not even touch it. Because there is no direct contact between the flywheel and the magnets this break system is very silent and makes the movement fluent.
  • electro-magnetic: you stop the flywheel through electro-magnetic induction. The system makes the breaking time fast and the intensity adjustabilty very precise.

A high quality cross trainer allows two different kinds of motion to change work outs as well: you can move your legs forward to exercise quads, abs and gluteus or backward to exercise the back of your legs.

You will find training computers on almost every cross trainer. Through the consolle you can monitor time, speed, distance, calories burnt and your heart rate.
Professional cross trainers and ergometers also memorize passed workout sessions and let you set target workouts.

Most cross trainers give you the choice between different workout programs.  These programs are usually based on speed and resistance but some may be targeted, some HRC and some fat burning programs.

The most popular cross trainer brands

Life Fitness and Ketller produce the best home cross trainers on the market. We reccomend these brands for their mechanics, high technology and the fluid, regular motion but also for the reliabilty of the companies.

On our web site Fitmax.it you fill find many brands such as:


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