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A quick guide to Treadmills

Here is a piece of advice that will help you choose your treadmill!

A Treadmill is a great fitness equipment perfect for eveyone. Either you want to walk, run, go up-hill or down-hill you will be able to do it in the comfort of your home choosing the best workout for you.

The proper and constant use of a treadmill will help you loose weight, tone up legs and buttocks, improve your blood flow your joints' mobility and your heart rate.

To find the right treadmill for you do not need more than keeping in mind some simple, vague notions. We trust that with these you will find a suitable treadmill that will satisfy your needs completely.

DIMENSIONS: treadmills'dimensions can be very different. What really matter though is the running surface. Obviusly you will have to keep in mind your height and weight. The taller you are, the longer the running surface will have to be. For instance, someone who is taller than 180 cm. will need at least a 140 cm. long running surface.

MOTOR: the elctric motor is what makes a treadmill suitable for a walking workout, a daily run, or a daily professional workout. Also, it will affect on how many years your treadmill will last. A great horse power treadmill will obviously last longer than one with a little horse power. But you also have to consider who will use it and what kind of workout he will do. First of all, the heavier you are, the more horse power you will need, Then, it is time to think how many hours you will use the treadmill and how fast you usually go. A 5 Hp motor will be useless if you are going to simulate a walk. For example, if you weight less than Kg.100 and you are not a professional that runs many hours every day a 3.5 Hp motor would be perfect for you.

SHOCK ABSORBING SYSTEM: treadmills allow to avoid problems caused by outdoor running to ankles, knees and back. That is the reason why the shock absorbing system is so important. Before you chose our treadmill check wether it is equipped with a good shock absorbing system underneath the running surface. The presence of the latter is a quality signal and will help you avoid injuries.

WORKOUT PROGRAMS: pretty much every treadmill on the market is equipped with lots of workouts that will help during your exercise. Some of them simulate differents surfaces such hills or so, some make you mantain a constant heart beat. The number of programs set in the treadmill is not too important. Wether you want many programs or you want to run setting your own speed, incline level and heart rate is up to you. programs are not fundamental in the treadmill but just a plus.

Still not sure?

Take a look at our comparing chart: TREADMILLS' COMPARING CHART or call us at 0039 0522/943564

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